Laundry ERP Lite

Laundry services are transforming daily.

Laundry services are transforming daily. Ratna Technology provides you with powerful laundry management ERP software, popularly known as Laundry ERP Lite, intending to improve your business and enable you stay ahead of the competition. 

Our tailor-made ERP software irrespective of your business size would help you manage the day-to-day operations smoothly and effortlessly and, address all the needs. The ERP handles all the associated activities starting from order receiving, clothes labeling, discount/price calculation, washing, packaging, invoicing to payments. 

The automated ERP built by expert developers at Ratna Technology can help your business grow up tremendously by saving time and costs in an innovative way.

Benefits of Our Laundry ERP Lite :-

Quality Control

We provide dynamic quality control and management system to identify and initiate quality checks based on parameters like process, performance, and delivery for all dry cleaning and laundry services completed.

Flawless Delivery

Our ERP strengthens tracking system which can potentially avert the possible risks of wrong deliveries. Efficient identification of clothes is an essential trait of a good and reliable laundry management software.


Precise Order Assortment

The laundry ERP Lite focuses on effective management of diverse services offered by companies including dry washing, washing and ironing. We feature special functionality in our ERP to ensure proper order assortment.

Effective Service Cost Calculator

 Laundry service establishments need spending a considerable amount of time to evaluate their service costs and formulate right quotations. Our laundry ERP features estimation facility on the basis of present costs and or potential change in resource costs.

Both Residential & Washroom Service Management

Our product is also helpful to manage your washroom services as well as residential services offered by few organizations in the name of elderly care laundry service. Each service bears special options for effective management.

Improve Overall Processes

 Our ERP facilitates you from staff scheduling, timekeeping, inventory management to billing. Its streamlined functionalities let laundry service providers monitor all business processes from a single platform and access business reports in real-time. 

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