ePaper CMS

Create, Manage & Publish interactive and deeply engaging content to expand your brand.  

Create Stunning Digital Content Experiences

Delivering a digital edition of newspaper and magazine has become easy. However, it’s more to your ePaper than simply narrowing the gap between print and online. When you can realize the true digital potential inside an ePaper solution, you must be compelled to consider it just beyond a publishing channel. 

Utilizing our top skills in web development, we deliver the most compelling ePaper solution to small, mid and large size businesses within the news publishing industry. Our ePaper CMS provides a robust platform which is constantly improving and testing fresh concepts in digital edition. The ePaper impacts in several ways starting from customizing design and UX features to enhancing revenue and broadening reader base. 

Most Popular ePaper CMS Features

Rights of branding and White label the CMS

Host your ePaper website on your own existing domain

Upload PDFs and get converted to JPGs automatically

Design and customize your ePaper website with our easy to use Page Designer tool.Design and customize your ePaper website with our easy to use Page Designer tool.

Build area maps of ePaper pages with our Area Map editor

With area map linking you can link parts of stories

Use the latest version ePaper CMS with Automatic Software Updates

Put space for advertisements on ePaper site to generate revenue

Auto generated XML Sitemaps

Why Our ePaper CMS?

Ratna Technology builds ePaper CMS by taking into account various aspects that are directly or indirectly influencing the digital experience of both publishing houses and their readers. There are certain traits in our ePaper tool that make it highly desirable. Let’s discuss.

Multichannel publishing

You can push your valued content across multiple channels with a single click. Publishing content on your mobile app, website and social media networks help you broaden your reach to woo more customers.

Interactive content

Create and design unique and appealing content within a fraction of time with a customized easy to use editor. Boost your brand identity with maximizing business potential with curated content for your enterprise requirements.

Advanced CMS concept

Blending with the most advanced concepts, our CMS enables you create, manage and modify all your content from a central console and also empowers your team to work more effectively together while maximizing collaboration.

Performance tracking

Monitoring performance can help you reach your goal. Our tool lets you know more about your customer’s behavior by analyzing various factors like number of downloads, page views, daily views, and more. Setting up goals and measuring the accurate progress from insightful analytics is possible now.

Growth of productivity

Repurposing your existing content is super easy with our ePaper CMS. You can import your PDFs, HTML, InDesign or any other format content into our CMS and publish mobile-friendly and interactive digital outputs with greater flexibility. 

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