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Payment Gateway Service in Bhubaneswar Odisha India.

How do Payment Gateway works?

A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal (such as a website, mobile phone) and the Front End Processor or acquiring bank.

payment gateway by ratna technology
  1. Customer place order on your website.
  2. The customers web Browser encrypts the information and send to the Merchants Website.
  3. The Merchants Website forward the information to their payment gateway.
  4. The payment gateway forwards the transaction information to the Payment Processor used by the Merchants acquiring bank.
  5. The Payment Processor forward the transaction information to the buyers electronics fund transfer agency such as Visa, MasterCard etc.
  6. The Buyers Bank receives the authorization request and sends a response back to the Payment Processor.
  7. The Payment Processor forward the response to the Payment Gateway.
  8. The Payment Gateway again forward the response to the website where it is interpreted and then relayed back to the Buyer and Merchant.
  9. The Merchant submit their approved authorization in a batch to their acquiring bank for settlement via their processor.
  10. The acquiring bank deposits the total of approved funds in to Merchants Nominated Account.

Payment Gateway Orissa Key Features

One Gateway for Various Payments : DirecPay is a payment gateway solution that enables you to accept customer payments from credit cards, debit cards and net banking, cash card all under one roof.

Multiple Access Modes : DirecPay gives you the facility to integrate with its payment gateway securely over Internet and IVRS.

Savings on Infrastructure : You do not have to invest in infrastructure, security and IT for a payment gateway of your own, to accept payments on your website

Payment Alerts : You receive alerts via email for every transaction conducted on your website Merchant Account Not Mandatory: You need not open any additional bank account for being a DirecPay merchant T+2 Fund Settlement : A T+2 settlement cycle gives you the assurance that transactions are processed and payments are made to your account within 2 working days Overnight Integration : The integration of DirecPay is an uncomplicated process that can even be completed within one single day Dropped Transaction Tracking : Recapturing all transactions which have been abandoned by customers either intentionally or due to technical errors Pre Integrated Shopping Carts : Our solution is pre-integrated with all major third party shopping carts, thereby enabling merchants to go live immediately Automated Reconciliation : DirecPay has a real time reconciliation module with features like automated refund processing and transaction approval mechanism Watertight Security : We make sure that transaction information being captured on your website or IVRS is not compromised. Sensitive customer data is not revealed or shared with any third party for any purpose. For IVRS transactions, we authorize the transaction by requesting for the OTP, as mandated by RBI. The PCI-DSS norms of the international payment card industry are strictly adhered to. DirecPay also holds Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code certificates, the two biggest names in the credit card industry. Our website is VeriSign secure, making it robust and free from Internet dangers like phishing Robust Risk & Fraud Management : Our internal processes are in keeping with KYC norms of the RBI. Transactions coming from any high-risk countries are flagged. Also, every successful transaction taking place on your platform is mapped against a constantly updated database. DirecPay has a robust risk management and fraud detection module to prevent fraudulent transactions In-depth Analytics : We help you increase your business by tracking transactions made by your customers. DirecPay provides you with extensive research and analyses on transactions made on your website. You get a drill-down on each transaction, including getting to know where a customer dropped out, if he does so Real Time MIS : Our robust Merchant Information System (MIS) enables merchants to access detailed records for all transactions made through DirecPay. We also provide the merchant with on-demand reporting tools

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