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We understand the issues associated with car wash ERPs like presence of complex features and expensiveness.

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Whenever an organization looks for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that means it is expanding at a fast pace and expects that the ERP would automate all back office activities to enable its employees carry forward their jobs smoothly and rapidly. By putting in the best values through our unique product to the growth of clients’ business, Ratna Technology has emerged as a reliable ERP software provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Our CarWash ERP Lite developed by highly experienced professionals ensures to cover up 360 degree of management of the entities rendering businesses in the automotive industry. We understand the issues associated with car wash ERPs like presence of complex features and expensiveness. Thus we have tried our best to overlook them completely and give you the best CarWash ERP experience.

CarWash ERP Lite

CarWash ERP Lite

CarWash ERP Lite is small version of ERP system which is designed in mind to be usefull for the startups who want to lunch their CarWash startup. Our ERP System bundle with following softwares.

  • Website.
  • ERP Admin
  • Android App.
  • iOS App.

Benefits of Using Our CarWash ERP Lite :-

Our ERP fully automates the Carwash operational tasks ensuring consistency and efficiency at all of your wash locations.

The ERP software provides you live work status of all operations and also allows you to monitor your entire operation from a single digital dashboard.

 In order to keep car wash operation at full capacity, it is necessary to respond to the clients' request quickly. Thus we add up the feature in our ERP.

Monitoring, maintaining and repairing your car wash equipment on a regular and scheduled basis are the keys to reducing your overall maintenance costs over time.

The cloud-based ERP is very easy to maintain and manage even for the people with zero software/coding knowledge.

The CarWash ERP Lite can help you track your stock along with the recently used items with complete details like model number, price and more.

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