Courier Management System

Scale operations, boost efficiency, and delight customers with the world’s most advanced Courier Management Solutions.

Courier Management

Scale operations, boost efficiency, and delight customers with the world's most advanced Courier Management Solutions.

Key Features in Courier Management Software

Simple And Intuitive For Dispatchers

Simple and intuitive for dispatchers

Customize addresses

Order status

GPS tracking

Schedule recurring orders

Manage drivers and package types

Easy-to-use for customers

Quick entry icon for easy access

Auto-fill fields

All-device support

Live status order notification

Courier tracking

Easy Use For Customers

Driver Efficacy

Easy manage of pickup, deliver and confirm orders

SMS updates

Status updates upon delivery/non-delivery

Signature functionality in app

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Set pricing for different map zones

Set pricing by package types

Distance-based charge

Weight-based charge

Invoicing with accounting S/W integration

Real-time invoicing software integration

Invoice generation per customer filtered by date range

Generate sales reports

Generate performance reports

Invoicing with accounting SW integration

Customization facility

Easy to add/cut service options

Unlimited driver addition facility

Unlimited delivery address options

Live support in case of customization difficulty

What We Can Assure

Streamline operations

Our solutions scale up your delivery operations to the next level with latest route optimization, automated dispatch, real-time tracking and robust analytics.

Customer satisfactions

Regular SMS notifications, proof-of-delivery, real-time driver tracking, and feedback submission tools ensure every delivery is a pleasant experience.

Easy integration

Our elegant development team employs the most advanced technologies in the courier management system to connect your website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system with our developer-friendly API.

Enterprise level

Best-in-class APIs, incredible stability, unmatched reliability, and uncompromised security, hands-on support and a wide reach make Ratna Technology the clear choice for enterprise level businesses.

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