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Common Challenges Faced by Pharmacies

Medical deliveries are time sensitive

Delivery of medicines to patients is a time sensitive process. Any delay could be fatal for the patients. Therefore, a quick and reliable delivery system should keep in place to avoid any kind of adversary.

Keep track of inventory

Proper management of inventory is a complex and herculean task. However, it is crucial to keep track of pharmacy products ensuring uninterrupted supply of items to patients according to their demand.

Easy Use For Customers
Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility

Supply chain visibility is one of the major challenges witnessed in the pharmaceutical industry owing to its complexity. It is happened because it involves operational challenges of interacting and working with a massive number of suppliers.

Orders distribution

Inaccurate order distribution can prove to be cost effective for both the pharmacy and the patient. The inaccurate order allocation and late deliveries result in higher delivery costs for pharmacies whereas patients consider this distrustful as their life depends on it.

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Real-time delivery tracking

Digital records

Dispatcher dashboard

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) predictor

Hastens admission process

Reports & analytics

Digital signature

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