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Bygone are the days when newspapers were the primary avenue to get to know the current and the past happenings all around the world.

Top App Features

Top App Features

User-friendly design

Regional news

Trending news

Easy access

National & International news

Social media sharing

Our on demand app developers excel in the development and integration of modern features that turn your simple app into a top-ranked app in your industry. Make sure the app should not just be real-time, it must be competition proof.

A few of our magical News app features

Instant alerts

Our well-timed notification strategy and implementations are devised to bring in an increase in the app engagement levels.

In-app payments

Our on-demand app development solutions encompass the empowering ability to pay from within the mobile app, in a very safe environment.

Geo IP location

Inclusion of Live Location Tracking facility is a showcase of our expertise in the development section. We help you connect all your stakeholders during the service period.


For every solution that our on demand app developers build, we create a dashboard which holds customized analytics for you to be on top of the performance metrics of your news app.

Social Media integration

We know the methodologies to utilize the next nature of all the modern day mobile app users - the primal need of social connectivity.

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