Benefit of Flutter for Mobile App Development

Benefit of Flutter for Mobile App Development

Benefit of Flutter for Mobile App Development

If you are considering cross-platform mobile app development on your next project, you’ve probably thought about the most popular toolkit Flutter. The universal artist allows you to create apps that run smoothly on different types of mobile devices.

Let’s understand the major benefits of Flutter app development that are still unknown to many.


Flutter is a set of open-source development tools used to create cutting edge cross-platform apps from Google. The software development kit helps build applications for mobile, web and desktop. 

Flutter was first introduced in 2015 under the name ‘Sky’. Then it could only work for Android. About three years later, Google carried out a massive overhaul in its cross-platform mobile app development technology, announcing the first stable version of Flutter. 

Now the framework works fine with Android, iOS, Windows and others. Here are the top 10 Flutter advantages that make it shine over native app development.

1. Fast development

The foremost goal of relying on any cross-platform technology is to expedite the process of development. In Flutter mobile app development, you write one codebase, which can run on both iOS and Android smartphones. 

Use of Flutter can let you save nearly 70% of the development time as compared to the native mobile app development method. The most important aspect is that only one team can build up the mobile app for different platforms.

2. Reduced cost

Time and number of manpower used on a project defines its cost. As you already know that mobile app development with Flutter takes less time and a smaller team, you could cut a significant spending. Startups usually look for the service in a flexible budget and never want to miss an opportunity to implement as many features as possible in less money.  

Further, companies with limited resources opt for the cross-platform app development service to kick-off in the first place. This is one of the valued reasons why Flutter is a great fit for MVP and PoC projects.

3. Native performance

Just because it’s not native doesn’t mean it cannot work well. However, Google’s Flutter has thrilled many hearts as it provides beautiful native-like performance. You might be questioning yourself whether Flutter could be the solution for your requirement. Simply you can make anything you want with the framework.

The Flutter toolkit consists of all the libraries, components and widgets required for mobile app development. Its numerous features enable development companies to recreate the native Android and iOS look and feel.

4. High performance

Developer community often compares Flutter with a more mature cross-platform framework React Native. As far as performance is concerned, Flutter has overthrown React Native by a huge margin. 

Flutter’s engine was built in such a way that it can communicate with native modules directly, which results in better performance and speed. Employing the cross-platform mobile application development, you too can create a single-page app, a mobile platform that can stream video or a data-heavy Internet of Things (IoT) application. You can notice they are equally stable and high-performing.

5. Custom UI

UI stands for User Interface. When it comes to mobile app development, it is simply the way through which users interact with the application. UI can include all the controls, buttons, blocks, and elements of the app.

Flutter is design-friendly. You cannot even imagine a mobile UI that is hard to implement using the resources of this platform. It comprises a set of libraries and tools for many cases including Material Design and Cupertino widgets. Customization is possible here. You can even develop two mobile apps with a single UI design.

6. High productivity

Flutter mobile application development makes your projects scalable. Flutter is built using an object-oriented programming language called Dart. It is optimized and its syntaxes are easy to understand by Java and JavaScript developers.

Moreover, Dart code can run perfectly on Android and iOS platforms and they can also be used for desktop (Mac, Linux and Windows) as well as web applications. So far Flutter’s offer for web and desktop has been limited and the applications are not so stable as compared to the mobile versions. 

In fact, the possibility of writing a common code compatible with so many platforms is incredible, on the basis of productivity, maintenance and more importantly business. It’s hard to expect an all-device mobile app development at Flutter’s cost.

7. Faster deployment

You cannot wait any more when your product’s development part is over, and ready to launch. Flutter provides a functional development environment to software and quality assurance engineers with plenty of tools for optimized testing and debugging. Hot reload traits, for example, let developers update code, review changes, test and deploy applications easier and faster.

8. Synched launch

You are using Flutter that means you have a single codebase, single team and a wide array of tools, plugins and libraries to build applications fast and efficiently. Do you anticipate anything more? 

Creating one mobile application for two different platforms simultaneously can enable you to deploy and launch both mobile applications with little to no gap.

9. Gamification-friendly

Gamification is a tech buzzword today. Its craze is almost high among entertainment, fitness and gamified eLearning apps. Gamification elements can be blended into all kinds of consumer applications, such as eCommerce, utilities, banking, among others.  

Flutter allows engineers to include gamification features, implement a gamified interface on mobile apps and ensure a high level of performance and speed. Many successful examples are already available before us. Recently launched game streaming project Stadia by Google is also powered by Flutter.

10. Forward-looking

Flutter is growing fast. In just a few years, the number of libraries, widgets and plugins for Android and iOS app development depending on Flutter multiplied and made the SDK versatile and complete. Very soon the same will be made available on web and desktop. 

The technology world is far from being contained by laptops and smartphones. The demand for IoT development is expanding and so is the tech diversity we are utilizing now-a-days. A few examples are smart home devices, cashless stores, autonomous banks and drone delivery.


Embark working with the pros of using Flutter is another method to carry this motto through life. We are unable to see any hindrances to the realization of your desires with the advantages of Flutter app development.  Certainly your dream can come true with Flutter mobile app development. Everything you get within a limited budget and that too in a little time.

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