How Flutter helps with developing high-quality Android and IOS apps?

How Flutter helps with developing high-quality Android and iOS apps

How Flutter helps with developing high-quality Android and IOS apps?

Want to develop a mobile app but are confused about the cross-platform framework available in the market? Flutter can make it more comfortable to launch feature-rich mobile apps without being helpless.

In past years, the businesses have had good budgets going for mobile app developmentBut with a rapidly changing market and increasing competition, it has become daunting for businesses of all levels.

For startups, there are multiple options for developing mobile apps & you must be wondering why we chose Flutter?

Let’s dive deep into the article to know how flutter becomes the best choice;

What is Flutter?

Java and Objective-C are the first choices for developing high-quality Android and IOS Mobile App Development. Most developers make enough robust apps in these programming languages.

However, since the launch of Flutter in May 2017, almost all mobile app development companies and individual developers have turned to this advanced mobile app development technology.

Flutter is Google’s user interface (UI) toolkit, & we can learn from the official website introduction that it can make beautiful applications with native app features for mobile, web, and desktop through unified code.

The introduction of Flutter has brought many benefits to the mobile app development industry, one of which is that it simplifies the development of cross-platform applications.

Benefits of developing apps with Flutter

According to many developers, Flutter is the most promising platform. In addition, you can now find many reliable companies that are leveraging Flutter to provide ultra-modern, multi-platform mobile apps for businesses.

Flutter is combined with a responsive, modern framework to allow developers to build impressive animations, shared code bases, and views on Android and IOS platforms.

The above benefits have proven that Flutter mobile app development will lead the industry for a long time.

Features of Flutter

  1. Flutter develops based on Dart: The Dart language developed by Google is the only option for developing Flutter apps. Dart is a different programming language; The only thing it bears in common with Java is the syntax. Flutter supports asynchronous operations. Its powerful programming language makes it easier to develop apps. In addition, with the support of asynchronous operations, developers can execute code that takes time to complete without blocking other running code.
  2. Writing once and doing it separately everywhere for iOS & Android mobile app development is time-consuming, and it also requires a lot of developer effort. When you use Flutter, developers are allowed to develop apps for Android and iOS platforms through a unified code base. With Flutter, you can also make your developed apps run on a separate platform.
  3. Enhanced UI Development Flutter makes the app more powerful by combining different UI components and widgets. Developers can use different UI widgets, including Column, Row, and Container, to make these applications look more appealing. To systematically place what your app needs, there is a widget called Text and RaisedButton.
  4. Extended Libraries: A large number of third-party libraries are available to support Flutter & Ionic mobile app development. As a result, Flutter is striving to be the best development framework for building robust cross-platform applications and facilitating the mobile app development industry through out-of-the-box third-party libraries. For example, if you want to put ads in your app, you can search for an ad library; If you want a new widget, you’ll also search for a suitable library to integrate it.
  5. Fast rendering: Many companies see Flutter as the best solution to mobile app development, creating super-performance apps that render continuously. Flutter doesn’t use Web View or the OEM parts that come with the device to draw widgets. It uses its high-performance rendering engine. And because Flutter has a thin C/C++ code layer, it renders very fast. In addition to this, as mentioned earlier, Flutter uses the Dart programming language, which has been proven (and recommended) to create high-performance, secure applications.

The possibilities for mobile app development with Flutter are endless, thanks to its rich UI widgets, high-performance rendering engine, and most importantly, it can run on Dart.

Flutter makes it easy to build powerful mobile apps with a unified development language and cross-platform development.

If you’re thinking about developing an app for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and the web, Flutter is a good choice. Experts believe that Flutter will become a shining star in the app development industry.

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