6 Website Design Tips for Client Retention

web design tips by Ratna Technology Bhubaneswar

6 Website Design Tips for Client Retention

A popular saying – “If your retention is poor then nothing else matters” rules the corporate world. Just because of fierce competition, it becomes tougher to retain your existing customer over a long period of time. The competitiveness a website design company witness recently is hard to compare with other digital services segment.

Considering various factors, we conclude following tips that can help you become more trustworthy.

6 website design tips by Ratna Technology
Website Design Tips for Client Retention
  1. Be honest

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” Honesty helps you win the hearts of others, be they your rival or your client. While selling web design services, you need to be truthful. It is silly to nod your head to every requirement of clients even if it doesn’t fall in your area of expertise.

Being a digital agency, you should evaluate the demands before making promises to clients. The communication must be made in such a way that the clients can understand your truthfulness. Honesty mostly matters in the development of projects, price and time of delivery. Thus right steps are needed to make all these transparent.

  1. Stay in touch

It is not appropriate to be in hibernating soon after the deal closing call. Frequent connections with clients are inevitable to gain their trust. Remaining in touch sometimes makes them so elated that they would ready to compromise even if you are falling sort of something you already have committed to them. Designing a website with fulfilling the requirements and expectation is a challenging job.

Updating them on present status of the project, hindrances if really faced and the next achievement will definitely build a confidence bridge between the two parties.

  1. Never say ‘No’

The readers of the blog might find the title of the point confusing because it is quite contrary to the first point. Here it is suggested that you should not refuse certain services when asked showing a reason to escape from accountability.

One ‘No’ can potentially block possibilities of many ‘Yes’. As a website design agency, you should offer the related services when needed. 

  1. Ready to accept responsibility

To kick-start a web design business is cool but to prepare it over the long run needs some extraordinary traits in you. And taking responsibility is one of them.

Misunderstandings happen in most dealings. However minimizing certain things bears importance in website development field. You have to always keep in mind that you’re not merely the web service provider but their digital partner. Thus you must take the responsibility to lessen their burden.

During the process mistakes happen. Without hiding it, you need to address them effectively with complete responsibility. To make a project successful, the associated parties must make them involved.

  1. Do not hesitate to educate

You may have experienced that few customers just wipe their hands of the whole process and depend on you for everything but on the other hand, some evince their interest to learn things so that they can manage little tasks on their own. At this time, you must take the opportunity to train the interested clients calculating their potential.

In the end you will find those customers will lessen your burden and become close to you. This is good sign in business scenario.

  1. Be fast in problem solving

The real test is found here. When everything goes okay but the website designing team is procrastinating in making updates every time, it dissatisfies the clients to a large extent. Thus you need to be fast enough when solving an issue or making changes.

You have to complete the task anyway before the client again reminds you. Each time you should confirm them after the updation is over. This habit bolsters your rapport with the clients.


Being a well-known website design company in Bhubaneswar, you must ensure that your every product is reflecting the top features of a great website. In addition, the above client retention tips would help you climb the ladder of success without doubt.

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