Here’s why Laravel is one of the top choices in 2021!

Here's why Laravel is one of the top choices in 2021

Here’s why Laravel is one of the top choices in 2021!

Everyday thousands of new websites are created globally and PHP is the most widely used language. When it comes to choosing a PHP framework for web development, Laravel is the first priority as of 2021.

Laravel provides a fantastic developer experience by automating a lot of repetitive coding tasks through its powerful built-in features.

Let’s bring the foremost points for the increasing adoption of Laravel.

Easy Unit Testing

Unit testing is a kind of testing in which each module or component of your web application is being tested to keep each part of your website intact. Before the web apps go live, developers run unit testing to make sure that there are no bugs. This is very soothing to have a high-performing app for end-users.

Easy unit testing is a prominent cause behind considering the Laravel framework for a web development project.

Top-level Security Mechanism

Developers give optimum priority to security while creating web applications. Websites can collect data including personal details of online visitors in various ways. Now it’s very common to us in the name of cyber attacks. 

Thus every web app owner expects frameworks that can potentially safeguard the information of theirs and their users. At this juncture Laravel is of great use for the development of web apps as it ensures top-class security. The framework shields data from all kinds of external security breaches. 

As compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is the most secure by embracing features like SQL injection that effectively protect the codebase and other data. This can mitigate numerous security risks, bringing an impeccable and smooth web application experience.

Superior performance

When you wish for a website with very high performance and fast loading, remember Laravel should be your first choice. Business enterprises are always having the expectation of a smooth and quick performance website. Compromising performance issues can cost you dear in this digital fight. A good website always attracts more potential customers. Laravel can fill the gap and keep your customers out of the race.

Specific functionalities and features affect the performance of web applications. Laravel has a few powerful tools that facilitate developers to ramp up performance to a higher level. Integrating those tools with Laravel framework offers flawless performance experience of web application.

Faster Time-to-market

Quick digital transformation is inevitable for any business and organization to grow. In contrast to other frameworks, Laravel is the best choice with which you can create your websites at a very fast pace. This is the foremost reason developers like to use this for building up web apps.

Robust and powerful authentication

Laravel was built when the developer community faced issues for the development of robust authentication for web applications. Its main target was to enable developers in creating robust and dynamic websites, and thankfully, Laravel upkeeps all such expectations. 

Laravel authentication functionality has made development easy and quick. With the presence of its logical techniques and built-in tools, it’s pretty easy to build an authentication page to provide access to only authorized users of the application and members.

Powerful community support

The Laravel community of developers and companies is very big. That’s why one can get easy support when stuck somewhere. The community creates a more conducive environment to make the Laravel Development projects more flawless, scalable, and interesting.

When developers are building complex and tough projects, they require further technical support to make their web apps feature-rich and robust. There is enough possibility to get community support. A wide and highly supporting online community is a boon for developers.

Getting a supportive Laravel development company is just a click away.

Database Migration

For making website development fast and smooth, database migration is required as one of the most reckoned aspects. Developers can share the databases within the members of the team with the database migration support that makes things quick and easy. In addition, developers with the feature of database migration can make changes to the database as per their requirements.

Multilingual capabilities

For developing the finest, effective, and robust multilingual applications, Laravel is the best choice. The framework arrives with the multilingual capabilities for which you can conveniently explore your business opportunities further. Your business visibility and brand value can also bolster in this way.

This feature lets you drive large traffic to your website resulting in additional revenues and profits. Thanks to multilingual apps, with which the versatility and scalability attain the new level, making the web app popular.

MVC architecture

The MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an architectural pattern used for web framework. The MVC pattern provides a hassle-free approach to work on big projects. Laravel is largely based on the MVC architecture.

The MVC architecture supports a few quality built-in functionalities, making it suitable for developers to build robust and superior web apps. Again, the presence of MVC architecture helps building sophisticated documentation that impacts the performance of your web app.

Blade Templating

Developers can write codes with the help of Laravel’s predefined templates. It becomes possible only for a certain feature namely Blade Templating Engine. The unique, intuitive, effective, and lightweight templates enable developers to create code with ease. In addition, it compresses the weight of a website to an unbelievable level. This makes your website lighter and will help it rank faster that way.

Object-oriented libraries

Developers can only understand the benefits of pre-installed libraries, and luckily Laravel offers you a big Library support. These libraries adopt numerous useful functionalities and features to create superior web apps in a very less time. Developers conveniently implement such elegant features to speed up the development process.


The way Laravel has grown up in the last few years is really incredible and its reputation shares a very big part of the global market. One can comfortably use Laravel; however, core knowledge is necessary. 

Laravel PHP is a super fit for any type of web development, but partnering with a reputable company having a team of outstanding Laravel experts can make a big difference by dominating your competitors. 

Incorporating scalability, compatibility and cost-effectiveness along with an unmatched level of simplicity, and user-friendliness your Laravel company loves most. Laravel PHP is the most suitable environment that brings enormous benefits to both developers and business owners. 

If you have plans to hire Laravel Developer to leverage your upcoming project, then choose a specialized Laravel company that can reap the max benefit of this awesome technology for your business. 

For any Laravel Development assistance, feel free to schedule an appointment with us.

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