Top Features of a Great Website in 2021

Top Features of a Great Website

Top Features of a Great Website in 2021

Website is the front door of your business. A quality design is considered the biggest marketing parameter for an organization. Having a website is not good enough if that fails to retain users and help in conversion. To mitigate such issues, you need to build a great website equating with the standards of 2021.


You cannot think of a great website without the magical touch of a great web design company. Addition of some features makes the site unique and attractive. Let’s discuss some of these features in your website that would help your business in 2021.

Top Features of a Great Website in 2021 - Ratna Technology

  • Clean and professional looks – Your site is the virtual replica of your organization, products and/or services. Its appealing, polished and professional looks create an unmatched impression for prospective clients. Poor graphics and unordered colour combination in a site cost your business dear. At the beginning, make sure your website is developed with a simple, pleasant colour scheme, which is consistent throughout its all pages. This is the primary requirement for setting up a brand. Most of the winning sites have chosen white, off-white, or charcoal gray like colours.
    Then design a meaningful logo which speaks volume about your business. The text must be clear and readable. The line gap and the alignment also make sense.
  • Mobile responsive – Today mobile phones are becoming essential to access the internet. Thus make your website responsive so that it can be easily accessed by small screen devices. If your site affects user experience negatively this would down your performance in sales and conversions. Also avoid adding up popups or small buttons like stuff that frustrate mobile users very badly.
  • Optimized content – Great content gets optimized easily. This is why you should write good content that fits for your business and services. You can also implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy while preparing content so that it can get optimized quickly and easily. Another benefit of optimized content is they help in keyword rank which in turn increases your online traffic so sales and revenue. You notice highly ranked sites include rich content in their blog page regularly.
  • Fast loading time – Everyone is leading a busy life; no one has time to wait until your site loads fully. According to a research, it is seen most visitors leave the site if it takes more than four seconds to load. This affects your usability as well as keyword ranking in internet searches. You should not use old and unnecessary codes to build your site. The images must be designed for websites purposes making sure its size should be minimal.
  • Usable forms – Forms are a very necessary element on websites. Forms are the communication bridge between you and your customers. Make sure your form has important fields and always try to make the required fields minimum. For example – email cell and body. You should avoid unnecessary fields so that clients hesitate to send a query. After clicking the submit button, you should show them a Thank You message or send a copy of their request to their respective email id. It shortens the gap between the businesses and clients.

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